“So what is it that you actually do?”

My official job-title, as it appears on my office door, on my business card and in my e-mail signature, is “Research Associate E-Learning”.

That means, that sometimes I analyze logdata to find out how many users do what at what time of the day/night, sometimes I try to decypher SQL-statements, sometimes I spend whole afternoos on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress (legally, that is – to find out how people share content and communicate online and if that could be of any use for higher education), sometimes – well, frequently – try to justify Moodle’s data management system on the phone, currently try to find out if and how intercultural competence can be trained online, at any moment am supposed to either plan, organise or give a workshop or training on technical or didactical level, at times enjoy to impress people by switching from text editor to html and adjust that one table that made them swear for hours, passionately create Wordclouds as decoration for presentations, Moodle-courses and my own desk, and very often just fill in and freak out about paper work.

This natural “diversity” recently made a friend of mine utter serious doubts if I really had a job or if just made up random stuff…”because every time you talk about it, you say something completely different”.

For all those that share his concern…I finally found a version of the rather new (but still not really new any more) internet-meme, that should answer the question asked in the title of this post for all times. Plus, I really like the job title “Education Technologist” 🙂


About Sophie Lenz

I like: towns, books, web 2.0, web 3.0, linguistics, computer sciences, autumn, gin tonic, sarcasm, trains, Harry Potter, blogs, theories & concepts, square numbers, purple, green & turquoise, llamas, polar bears & owls, verbs & prepositions, agglutinative languages I don't like: spiders, heat, celery, handicrafts, TV, adjectives, salsa music, chickflicks, beach holidays, ironing, clubbing, motorcycles, slow people, the countryside, whiskey, talking on the phone
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