18th district…Irgendwann bleib i dann dort

Previously on my blog: 

In the beginning of July, inspired by a TED-talk, I started a so-called “30 day project”. The idea: Do something you haven’t done before for a period of 30 days. My interpretation: Discover places that I had never been before (and probably I would never go if it wasn’t for the project). To give it some structure, I decided to go to a different district of Vienna each day, starting in the 23rd and counting down to the 1st.
On July 12, I went to the 19th and walked around at the Hohe-Warte-park. I also tried to get some inspiration for what to do the next day in the 18th, another district without any meaning or associations to me.

And then…

That evening, when I got home, I eventually sent out an application letter that I’d had kept on my harddrive for weeks already, but always hesitated – because you never know what you are about to trigger when sending out an application.
And I set the 30-day-project officially on-hold.

Now, 6 weeks later…I have been to the 18th district on several occasions. I have been to several places I hadn’t been before.
In October, I will start my new job at the University of Applied Sciences which is located…in the 18th district.
Also, I will move to a new flat which is located…in the 18th district.

I believe the 30-day-project is particularly inspiring and attractive for people that – secretly or not – hope to make a change to their lifes, and start on it because they hope – secretly or not – that that change could possibly happen within a period of just one month. I got the proof…it can happen.


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