Day N/A #2: Gleinkersee, Upper Austria – Birthday party

I am cheating like hell on my project. I haven’t been to a new place since Wednesday (it’s Sunday now). But I have a buffer of 7 days, and I believe that doing awesome stuff at places does compensate, even if it happens at places I’ve been before.

I had a birthday party on Saturday, in a restaurant next to a lake in the Upper Austrian mountains (altitude above sea level: 804 metres).

My friend from grammar-school-times, Katrin (6 days younger than me) and me had a terribly illegal BBQ-party in the Kirchdorf meadow when we turned 16 (in 1997). Bonfire. Cheap drinks. Guitars. Scared of police controls. 50 Schillings “entrance fee”. Teenager discussions about Plato’s world of ideas.

Recently, both of us turned 30, and we decided to copy the principle from back in the days to circumstances where we have higher requirements and more money. The principle was: Bringing people together, provide alcohol, chill out and see what happens (hoping to have a good time). 

We suceeded. Of course, partly, it was a pre-programmed homerun. Nobody in their right mind can possibly dislike lakes in the Upper Austrian mountains. They are too beautiful. And nobody in their right mind can possibly dislike a buffet with decent BBQ-meat, potato salad, cabbage salad, raspberry tarte and 50 litres of beer.

I admitted it already, I’ve been to Gleinkersee before, many, many times. But it reached a new level of awesomeness this weekend. With my family (including Grandpa), my BFFs (best friends forever…sometimes, I’d like to deny them, but I can’t), my ex-chemistry-teacher, ex-classmates.


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