Day 4: 20th district – Brigittenau (Kleine Jägermeister)

I cheated today.

I went to a place I’ve actually been before.

In September 2009, I came to Vienna as a tourist from Eindhoven, with a bunch of other tourists. At some point, we ran out of classic touristic destinations and decided to go to a random place. We chose Jägerstraße, 20th district, Brigittenau.

Why? Because we were tourists, and Jägerstraße sounded a bit like Jägermeister. We bought a small bottle of Jägermeister at a night shop close to our Wombats Hostel, took the U6 to Jägerstraße, found out that there was absolutely nothing to do there, and then found out that we had arrived at street number 69 (“of course!”). Everybody had to stand underneath the street sign “Jägerstraße 69” and take a sip from the Jägermeister-bottle for a picture.

Today’s visit was a tribute to travel-buddies that have a similar sightseeing-style.

Anyway, I also went to the Fachhochschule Technikum Wien, which is located in Brigittenau. It’s always good to enter a building you actually don’t belong to, but nobody stops you or asks you weird questions, because it’s public. It gives you this very strong feeling of “what if”. 

Outside the Fachhochschule, I found a comfortable bench, sat there for an hour. Luckily, I had a bottle of Coca Cola and a magazine with me. Reading, and staring into the sky for minutes.

It was very nice. Unexpected chill-out time in Brigittenau.


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