Day 3: 21st district – Am Stammersdorfer Friedhof

It’s not an easy destination that I chose in district 21.      

My dad died when my mum was two years older than I am now. To help her cope with the grief, her younger brother, a theologian, made her a tape with Ludwig-Hirsch-songs. In one of the songs, death is a big black bird that softly wraps his cooling wings around the suffering, weak bodies of sick people. Another song recounts the stream of consciousness of someone in his tomb, about the touch of the first worms and the desire to get back up there to his beloved one.

I knew most of the songs by heart when I was eight. I liked them, because they were easy to remember and to sing along, and most them sounded funny.

One of the songs starts with the line “Da steh ma jetzt am Stammersdorfer Friedhof; regnen tuats de Fiaß tan ma scho weh”. The user who uploaded it on youtube summarized the song perfectly in one phrase: “It’s not an easy song.” It’s an attempt to say farewell to a grandmother that praised Hitler till the very last of her days.

That’s why the cemetory of Stammersdorf is the only place in Floridsdorf I could think of.

Calm family houses next to a calm road outside town, fields, forest, a river. Scenery for Austrian horror movies (or horrible real crimes).

I get to the cemetary only 12 minutes before it closes. Just enough for a few pictures. It’s raining, and my feet hurt from the 30-minutes walk from the tram. I don’t want to be locked in a cemetary.

Not an easy destination.


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